M. S. Farzan
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2018 - 2018 1 $8,473 USD 331 $26 USD
M. S. Farzan was born in London and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has written and worked for high-profile video game companies and editorial websites such as Electronic Arts, Perfect World Entertainment, and MMORPG.com, and has served as the Community Manager for games like Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter and Mass Effect: Andromeda. He has trained in and taught Japanese martial arts for over ten years and is the Creative Director and Lead Game Designer for Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy RPG and author of Entromancy: Book One of the Nightpath Trilogy.
Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy Roleplaying Game
Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy Roleplaying Game
A project in Berkeley, CA by M. S. Farzan

Dive into a cyberpunk urban fantasy world filled with magic, espionage, hacking, and gunslinging action!

Duration: 2018/08/07 - 2018/09/07 (30 days)

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