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2021 - 2021 1 $137,248 USD 1,594 $86 USD
An imprint of the award-winning publishing house Magnetic Press, LLC, Magnetic Press Play seeks to bring interactive experiences to their library of award-winning graphic novels, art books, and periodicals, with a focus on tabletop gaming and new media. Magnetic Press Play, founded and led by entertainment, comics, and game industry veteran Mike Kennedy (Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Electronic Arts, Activision, and others), brings several decades of experience and expertise to each and every project.
CARBON GREY: The Role-playing Game and Omnibus
CARBON GREY: The Role-playing Game and Omnibus
A project in St. Louis, MO by Magnetic Press Play 1 created

A war-torn dieselpunk RPG reviving the classic D6 System by West End Games for a new generation.

Duration: 2021/08/02 - 2021/09/03 (31 days)

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