Marissa Kelly
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2015 - 2019 3 $332,383 USD 6,661 $50 USD
Marissa Kelly is co-owner of Magpie Games and has served as art director of 100+ products including 7th Sea: Second Edition. She is also a founding member of a number of other gaming organizations including the Indie Game Developer Network and New MexiCon. In addition to her volunteer work in the industry, Marissa has helped manage and oversee more than ten successful Kickstarters raising over 2 million dollars overall. Furthermore, Marissa indulges her love of science by spending her summers as a research assistant for both archaeological and paleontological sites.
Wizard Kittens: A Magical Card Game!
Wizard Kittens: A Magical Card Game!
A project in Albuquerque, NM by Marissa Kelly
TabletopCard GameAnimalsFantasyCardsSet CollectionVariable Powers

An adorably magical semi-cooperative set collecting card game for 2-4 players

Duration: 2019/03/04 - 2019/03/31 (26 days)

Bluebeard s Bride
Bluebeard's Bride
A project in by Marissa Kelly

Bluebeard's Bride is a horror tabletop RPG in which you play aspects of the Bride's psyche investigating your husband's haunted manor.

End Date: 2016/11/21

Epyllion, a Dragon Epic RPG
Epyllion, a Dragon Epic RPG
A project in by Marissa Kelly

Play as a clutch of young drakes who must use the power of friendship to protect their homeland from an ever-growing Darkness.

End Date: 2015/05/04

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