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2015 - 2020 9 $15,426,864 USD 92,915 $166 USD
Monolith is a company founded in 2014. Since then, Monolith created and successfully delivered 7 top Kickstarter projects driven by one goal: to create immersive board games served by great gameplay mechanics and topped with high-quality components. Our Kickstarter projects : - Conan reached its initial funding of $80,000 in 5 minutes and rose to nearly $3,3M - Mythic Battles: Pantheon achieved more than $2,6M - Conan: The Book of Set reached nearly $500,000 - Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5 collected more than $1,1M - Batman: Gotham City Chronicles gathered more than $4,4M and was backed by 19 303 contributors. - Claustrophobia 1643, in November, 2018, had 7,712 contributors bring almost $760,000. - Claustrophobia 1643 Soundscape, in March 2019, had 2,955 contributors bring $235,000. We are very proud of these successes built on the trust of our pledgers. We are also convinced that a game can not exist without a community to support it. That’s why we regularly offer new content for our previous games like in Conan: The Book of Set (a collection of scenarios from our website, lore...) making sure that people who love our games always have something new to enjoy. We also encourage the The Overlord community on
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