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2017 - 2020 8 $8,577,672 USD 64,708 $133 USD
Born in 2016, we are a young company, but our staff accounts for over a century of game industry experience. This is our ninth Kickstarter campaign, and the eighth that we’ve done on our own. Our first project was Mythic Battles: Pantheon, Kickstarted in collaboration with Monolith. We have successfully fulfilled Mythic Battles: Pantheon, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc and Reichbusters. We are currently printing Super Fantasy Brawl and Solomon Kane is queued up directly behind it. At Mythic Games, we aim to make games that are so attractive that you don’t want to leave them on the shelf, and so much fun to play that you don’t want to put them back. This process starts with brilliant designers, artists, sculptors, developers, public and private play-testers, and arrives here, on Kickstarter. And even this is not the end of the development process. We see a Kickstarter campaign as a collaborative event, not just a shop window. We want you to give your feedback, and we are happy to listen. That is the route to the best games in the industry!
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