Portal Games
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2019 - 2019 1 $237,452 USD 4,169 $57 USD
Portal Games has been present on the gaming market since 1999, having published over 250 games and expansions since! Worldwide, Portal Games has earned it's place among the top game publishers, with titles such as Neuroshima Hex, Robinson Crusoe, Imperial Settlers, and Detective being ranked among the top in the industry.
A project in Gliwice, Poland by Portal Games

A remake of the classic economic board game about running a design company and trying to succeed in the ruthless world of fashion.

Duration: 2019/07/07 - 2019/07/22 (14 days)

Ending: 4 days

Today's Backers: +23

Last Updated: 14 min

Today's Pledges: +950 USD

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