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2016 - 2019 3 $227,232 USD 3,349 $68 USD
R&D Games was formed in 1989 by Richard Breese in order to publish his own board game designs and, more recently, those designed or co-designed by and with his game designing friends. Richard is an accountant by profession and a gamer in his ‘spare’ time. Richard is known for the 'Key' series of games including Key Flow, Keydom (widely recognised as the first worker placement game), Keyflower, Keyper and Keythedral, as well as other games such as Aladdin's Dragons, Inhabit the Earth, Reef Encounter and The BoardGameGeek Game.
Key Market II
Key Market II
A project in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK by R & D Games

Due to high demand - a reissue of the classic 2010 game Key Market from R&D Games.

Duration: 2019/03/11 - 2019/04/03 (22 days)

Key Flow
Key Flow
A project in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK by R & D Games
TabletopCard GameEconomicMedievalCity Building

The latest game in the 'Key' series, Key Flow is a card based game with a medieval setting for 2-6 players.

Duration: 2018/09/23 - 2018/10/12 (18 days)

Keyper - Character Edition
Keyper - Character Edition
A project in by R & D Games

A special character edition of Keyper - the first completely new 'Key' series game from R&D Games since the award winning Keyflower.

End Date: 2016/12/05

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