Rens Willemsen
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2019 - 2019 1 $3,372 USD 74 $46 USD
I believe that creativity is not coming up with something completely new, but true creativity is combining existing solutions and by doing so create something the world has never thought of before.
13 Monsters - a frantic easy to play partygame!
13 Monsters - a frantic easy to play partygame!
A project in by Rens Willemsen
TabletopCard GamePartyFantasyFightingDiceVariable Powers

Memory, Luck and Strategy come together in this beautiful tabletop party game about the rise and fall of Monsters and their masters.

Duration: 2019/10/20 - 2019/12/20 (60 days)

Ending: 35 days

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Today's Pledges: +192 EUR

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