Rod Waibel
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2011 - 2022 3 $70,474 USD 1,848 $38 USD
I have been writing role-playing games in some form or another since 1986, but didn't start doing it as a semi-professional hobby until 2000. I was a Blackhawk Crewchief in the Army from 1992 to 1998, and have been working in project management ever since. One of the things important to me is being a better person, and a better ally to those who have not been given the same playing field as myself. This is a constant work in progress.
Twilight Fables
Twilight Fables
A project in Portland, OR by Rod Waibel 3 created

A 5e supplement book bringing the original folklore and mythology into your game, with new creatures and PC options!

Duration: 2022/07/18 - 2022/08/18 (30 days)

Chromatic Dungeons
Chromatic Dungeons
A project in Portland, OR by Rod Waibel 3 created

Capturing the feel of playing TSR era RPGs with modern lessons learned. Making the OSR welcome to ALL gamers of every demographic.

Duration: 2021/06/30 - 2021/08/03 (33 days)

Compact Heroes
Compact Heroes
A project in Beaverton, OR by Rod Waibel 3 created
RPGCard Game

What happens when you combine the flexibility of a role-playing game with the portability of a card game? Compact Heroes!

Duration: 2011/05/10 - 2011/06/10 (30 days)

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