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2019 - 2019 1 $12,689 USD 54 $235 USD
Sports and board game fanatics, Costas and Les Kilias are the brothers from Melbourne, Australia behind SPONDA, a board game like no other! Between them they've played almost every sport contained in SPONDA at a competitive level. From Soccer to Aussie Rules, from Baseball to Cricket, from Basketball to Golf, from Touch Rugby and American Football the brothers are well known for their passionate love of sports. They also grew up competing with each other at home in just about every board game they could get their hands on! Six years ago they decided to bury the competitive hatchet and joined forces to create SPONDA, a game which brings together the competitiveness of sports and the random possibilities of board games. Starting with a whimsical discussion about how great it would be if they could play their favourite sports as a board game, the brothers set themselves a task. Since then, and after thousands of hours work involving countless designs, creating scoring algorithms and developing concepts (all aimed at creating board games which represent the essence of each of the 10 sports in SPONDA) the brothers are proud to offer you a brand new, never before conceived board game! SPONDA sports play like, score like and feel like you're in the midst of the action! If you're like us and you love sports or board games, or both, SPONDA is the game for you!
SPONDA "Be the Champion!"
SPONDA "Be the Champion!"
A project in Melbourne, AU by SPONDA GAMES PTY LTD

10 board games in 1 box!

Duration: 2019/09/29 - 2019/10/30 (30 days)

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