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2014 - 2019 2 $21,523 USD 420 $51 USD
Badger McInnes You may not be familiar with my name, but if you're player or Keeper of Call of Cthulhu, you've probably seen my work. I've been working as a book designer and layout artist for over ten years, for such publishers as Chaosium, Pagan Publishing, Miskatonic River Press, Golden Goblin Press, and others. I won't bore you with the list of my credits, but my grubby paws have put together such books as The Legacy of Arrius Lurco, Bumps in the Night, Secrets of San Francisco, Tales of the Sleepless City....oh, and some book called Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. In addition to myself, i have the pleasure of working with Jason McKittrick of Cryptocurium, who has lent his considerable artistic madness in creating the shoggoth miniature, and storage box for Feed the Shoggoth. It will be that will painting your custom shoggoth minis!
Morsels of Madness: An expansion for Feed the Shoggoth!
Morsels of Madness: An expansion for Feed the Shoggoth!
A project in San Francisco, CA by Squamous Studios

Morsels of Madness brings new Spells, Artifacts, Cult Factions, and (you guessed it) new Minions to Feed the Shoggoth!.

Duration: 2019/01/08 - 2019/02/13 (35 days)

Feed the Shoggoth! Card Game
Feed the Shoggoth! Card Game
A project in by Squamous Studios

A deliciously evil Lovecraftian card game in which you attempt to win by sacrificing your cultist minions to a very hungry Shoggoth!

End Date: 2014/07/16

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