Stephen E. Dinehart IV
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2019 - 2019 1 $8,001 USD 77 $104 USD
Stephen E. Dinehart IV is an industry-leading game director, screenwriter, and attraction designer working at the intersection of themed entertainment, mixed-reality and games. The original Narrative Designer, creating the position with THQ in 2006, his works range from major theme parks, immersive game-based theatrical experiences, VR/AR for location-based entertainment, mobile and AAA video games to brand development for Toyota, NBC Universal, Saatchi & Saatchi, Warner Brothers, Marvel, and Nintendo. Dinehart has worked with franchises and characters ranging from The Marvel Universe, Harry Potter, Mario Kart, Batman and Lord of the Rings. Recent projects include GiantLands, Evermore Park, Boomtown Fair and Super Nintendo World. Learn more at
GiantLands: Edition Zero Boxed Set
GiantLands: Edition Zero Boxed Set
A project in Madison, WI by Stephen E. Dinehart IV

A Tabletop Role-Playing Game Made by TSR Game Designer James M. Ward & Stephen E. Dinehart

Duration: 2019/11/29 - 2019/12/14 (14 days)

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