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2021 - 2021 1 $437,240 USD 5,770 $76 USD
Based in Malmö, Sweden, we are board game publishers with a love for games with asymmetrical gameplay and little to no randomness. We aim to make games filled with amazement, that offers gameplay that is both exciting and deep.
A project in Malmö, Sweden by Studio Midhall 1 created
TabletopFantasyFightingHorrorCard DraftingDeductionHand ManagementVariable Powers

Dawn breaks and the hunt begins. A team of hunters co-operates against a powerful Beast, vengeful for the unsuspecting villagers.

Duration: 2021/09/27 - 2021/10/28 (30 days)

Ending: 6 days

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Today's Pledges: +76,755 SEK

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