Tanner McBride
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2022 - 2022 1 $873,165 USD 1,484 $588 USD
Hello all, I am Tanner, founder of Kryptik TCG! I am also a fireman and entrepreneur in Las Vegas. I've been collecting and playing various trading card games including Pokemon and MTG since 1999. I have experience in e-commerce and own a brick and mortar business here in Las Vegas. Kryptik TCG is our baby and I want to thank all of you for joining the citizens of Kryptik Island on our journey!
Kryptik Trading Card Game
Kryptik Trading Card Game
A project in Las Vegas, NV by Tanner McBride 1 created
TabletopCard GameFantasyCards

A beautiful TCG developed by experienced entrepreneurs, with deep lore and unique gameplay, tailored by the community.

Duration: 2022/04/15 - 2022/05/16 (30 days)

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