Tanya DePass
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2021 - 2021 1 $282,005 USD 3,902 $72 USD
Tanya is the Founder and Director of I Need Diverse Games, a not-for-profit foundation based in Chicago. She’s part of Rivals of Waterdeep, the programming coordinator for OrcaCon & GaymerX; and often speaks on issues of diversity, feminism, race, intersectionality & other topics at conventions. Her writing appears in Uncanny Magazine, Polygon, Vice Gaming, Mic, Waypoint, Wiscon Chronicles, Paste Games and other publications.
Into the Mother Lands - An Original Afrofuturist TTRPG
Into the Mother Lands - An Original Afrofuturist TTRPG
A project in Chicago, IL by Tanya DePass 1 created

Setting book for Into the Mother Lands RPG!!!

Duration: 2021/05/19 - 2021/06/20 (31 days)

Ending: 3 days

Today's Backers: +54

Last Updated: 6 min

Today's Pledges: +2,878 USD

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