Three Headed Monster
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2019 - 2022 2 $466,976 USD 2,422 $193 USD
We are a small self-publishing venture comprised of professionals with diverse skill sets, passionate about creating the previously impossible. Think of us as a happy group of friends making revolutionary entertainment together.
Beyond Humanity: Astrominers
Beyond Humanity: Astrominers
A project in Los Angeles, CA by Three Headed Monster 2 created
TabletopEconomicSci-fiDiceSet Collection

Your chance to own the Collector’s Edition of Astrominers is almost here! Join the mission before you miss the launch!

Duration: 2022/06/27 - 2022/07/12 (14 days)

Beyond Humanity: Colonies
Beyond Humanity: Colonies
A project in Warsaw, Poland by Three Headed Monster 2 created
TabletopSci-fiMiniaturesTilesCity BuildingSoloVariable PowersVotingWorker Placement

Leave Earth and venture into space to discover exoplanets and set up a colony in a worker placement board game with electronic minis!

Duration: 2019/10/21 - 2019/11/12 (21 days)

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