Triple S Games
ActivityProjectsRevenuePledgesAvg. PledgeLinks
2014 - 2022 2 $9,306 USD 167 $56 USD
Triple S Games is a youtube channel that teaches people how to play games quickly and concisely.
Stroop d!
A project in Salt Lake City, UT by Triple S Games 2 created
TabletopCard GameFamily/Kids

A fun, family-friendly card game that will question your ability to recognize colors.

Duration: 2022/04/14 - 2022/05/15 (30 days)

The Vicious Circle
The Vicious Circle
A project in by Triple S Games 2 created
TabletopCard GameCards

Mouse eats seeds. Snake eats mouse. Hawk eats Snake. Life is short and brutish.

End Date: 2014/08/08

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