Tyler Lindsey
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2022 - 2022 1 $3,790 USD 169 $22 USD
Tyler is an architecture school dropout, and now spends his time playing and designing board games, twiddling knobs on his synthesizers, and designing websites. He is the brand manager and web admin for Vermin Supreme, and has previously produced one physical card game.
Using Dead Things | Birthing Living Things
Using Dead Things | Birthing Living Things
A project in Tool, TX by Tyler Lindsey 1 created

Crafting, improvement, and animal husbandry rules for Mörk Borg

Duration: 2022/01/13 - 2022/01/28 (14 days)

Ending: 8 days

Today's Backers: -1

Last Updated: 44 min

Today's Pledges: -15 USD

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