Uncharted Trilogy
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2020 - 2020 1 $18,672 USD 170 $110 USD
Hellfire Workshop The workshop was set up specifically for this project and consists of two companies. Eloik Company is mainly responsible for the design of theme and appearance, while Haijin Model Company is responsible for production and craftsmanship. Our idea is to create excellent works.
Uncharted Trilogy-Aurora Dice Set
Uncharted Trilogy-Aurora Dice Set
A project in Central, Hong Kong by Uncharted Trilogy

For the three series of dice, Uncharted, Dragon Flame and Undead, aurora is wrapped by 24K gold edges.

Duration: 2020/11/16 - 2020/12/22 (35 days)

Ending: 26 days

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Last Updated: 76 sec

Today's Pledges: +4,050 HKD

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