Wood Project
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2021 - 2021 2 $492,930 USD 3,168 $156 USD
Our small company has been in the business of producing woodwork and decorations for quite some time. At first it was just a hobby but a huge number of ideas and projects as well as passion for this craft allowed us to turn a hobby into something much more substantial. Working in a team and sharing ideas with each other we always strive to create beautiful and unusual things that would bring positive emotions to their owners. We sincerely hope we will get support at Kickstarter and there will be even more people who will be inspired by our product. Feel free to contact me maxym8133974@gmail.com
Gamer s Chest
Gamer's Chest
A project in New York, NY by Wood Project

All-in-One Tabletop Game Organizer

Duration: 2020/12/14 - 2021/01/22 (38 days)

All-in-one Tabletop Game Organizer
All-in-one Tabletop Game Organizer
A project in New York, NY by Wood Project

The Tabletop Game Organizer is a modular system to help organize and enhance your games

Duration: 2020/12/07 - 2021/01/14 (37 days)

*** Cancelled ***

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