IV Studios
ActivityProjectsRevenuePledgesAvg. PledgeLinks
2019 - 2019 1 $409,080 USD 6,358 $64 USD
IV is a collection of creative people with a passion for beautiful things. As a commercial animation studio, we create work for clients like Amazon, Netflix, Bad Robot, and Cartoon Network. In addition to this work, we encourage our team members to explore ideas outside of animation—resulting in special projects like our mobile game Bouncy Smash. Moonrakers is one of these ideas.
A project in Nashville, TN by IV Studios
TabletopSci-fiDeck BuildingHand ManagementSolo

A tabletop game of shipbuilding, temporary alliances, and shrewd negotiation.

Duration: 2019/09/02 - 2019/10/01 (28 days)

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