Mark Swanson
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2016 - 2019 3 $484,604 USD 7,146 $68 USD
A professor by day and game designer by night, Mark Swanson lives in Columbia, Missouri with his three splendidly precocious daughters. Inspired by Eurostyle games in the late 90s, Mark became a quick fan of legends Reiner Knizia, Kalus Teuber, Martin Wallace and Andreas Seyfarth. Mark unveiled his prototype of Feudum at GenCon 2014 and was thrilled to meet and gain insight from his more recent heroes including Eric Lang, Mike Eliott, Bruno Faidutti and Jamey Stegmaier. The unpublished Feudum has already been hailed as "articulate and inventive," and has been placed on several "watch" and "wish" lists within the board game geek community. Visit or BoardGameGeek to learn more.
Feudum: Rudders and Ramparts
Feudum: Rudders and Ramparts
A project in Columbia, MO by Mark Swanson
TabletopAction/DexterityAdventureExpansion for Base - GameEconomicFantasyMedievalMiniaturesArea ControlHand Management

Set your sails and calibrate your compass! It's time to take these artisan-edition vessels and castles out for a spin!

Duration: 2019/02/28 - 2019/03/26 (25 days)

Feudum: The Queen s Army
Feudum: The Queen's Army
A project in Columbia, MO by Mark Swanson

Foil the Queen's treachery and rise to power in this solo player variant of the game Feudum!

Duration: 2017/07/27 - 2017/08/21 (24 days)

Feudum: A nuanced game of hand & resource management
Feudum: A nuanced game of hand & resource management
A project in by Mark Swanson

Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!

End Date: 2016/12/16

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