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2018 - 2019 2 $3,494,150 USD 47,951 $73 USD
Hey everybody! My name's Matt Colville I run MCDM Productions, we’re a small company that make YouTube Videos and livestreams and game products! Our first product was Strongholds & Followers, a supplement for 5th edition. I was a writer and designer in the video game business for many years and before that I was a designer in the tabletop business! I’m the author of the official Critical Role comic, I was the lead writer on Evolve, I was the lead writer AND a designer on Mercenaries, but before ALL THAT I was a designer in the tabletop business. I was a designer on the original Dune CCG and the RPG. I worked on the Star Trek RPG, I did the starship combat rules for this one, and I worked on several third party books for 3rd edition, I wrote a whole monster book! And I designed mass-combat and nation building rules set for 3rd edition. I designed the official Knights of the Dinner Table card game, and the Red Alert! Star Trek starship combat game, those were both tons of fun.
Kingdoms, Warfare & More Minis!
Kingdoms, Warfare & More Minis!
A project in Irvine, CA by Matt Colville 2 created

A 5th Edition supplement for managing kingdoms, playing organizations, and waging war.

Duration: 2019/10/20 - 2019/11/22 (32 days)

Strongholds & Streaming
Strongholds & Streaming
A project in Buena Park, CA by Matt Colville 2 created

A 5th Edition supplement for building Strongholds and attracting Followers! And we're raising money to livestream my next campaign!

Duration: 2018/02/08 - 2018/03/11 (30 days)

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